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The official (or unofficial, depending on who you ask) Random Acts of Kindness Day was this past weekend. It's a day set aside for people to do something nice for someone else...to get the ball rolling, so to speak, and hope that the recipient(s) of your kind acts will pay it forward.

But why stop after the official day? Why not make every day a random acts of kindness day?

I'm challenging myself to do just that, and I hope you'll join me!

Random Acts of Kindness Every Day at LifeInTheNerddom.com

The concept of Random Acts of Kindness is pretty simple really. It is taking the time to show a bit of kindness to another person, whether it be a good deed, a sweet and heartfelt word, or even a small gift.

But true kindness goes beyond simply being nice. True kindness is self-less and empathetic. It means thinking of others first and putting yourself in their shoes.


Why Bother?

Most days, the world just seems nuts. There is so much evil around us that it's pretty easy to feel defeated before you even start. Our efforts can feel so small and inconsequential.

So, we do nothing.

But you know what I've found?

Any kindness, no matter how small, that I extend to another may not be world-changing, but it might just be life-changing to the person on the receiving end.

Random Acts of Kindness Every Day at LifeInTheNerddom.com

If our goal is to change the world in some elaborate way, there's a really good chance that we'll either give up soon after we begin, or we'll fail to begin at all.

Such a goal is overwhelming. It seems unreachable.

Instead, why don't we focus on the small things? Simple, small acts of kindness shown to those around us.

Whether we know them or not.

Whether they thank us or not.

Whether they ever know it was us that showed them kindness.

It's one small act of love and kindness that inspires another...and another...and another...until there are hundreds of small seemingly inconsequential things that come together to bring change in thousands of lives.


But I'm So Busy!

I get it. We're all busy these days.

But honestly, should we ever be so busy that we can't even show a little kindness to others?

This doesn't have to be a complicated thing!

"Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. ~ Dalai Lama

I'm here to help get the ball rolling, at least in my little corner of the internet.

All this week, I'll be offering up some pretty amazing resources to help you spread a little kindness in your world.


Here's what you can expect:

15 of the Best Free Random Acts of Kindness Printables
Everything from printable notes and cards to games and crafts.

Random Acts of Kindness Challenge for Kids
Super quick and easy ways for kids to show kindness to others.

Random Acts of Kindness Challenge for Parents
While the kids are busy learning all about being kind and putting that into practice, you can be a leading example by showering your family with kindness every day! I've got lots of great ideas for you!

Random Acts of Kindness Challenge for Siblings
The sibling relationship can sometimes be a little strained. Build up and strengthen that relationship with these ideas!

21 Amazing Books About Kindness for Kids
I've made every effort to choose books that teach more than just "be nice" and instead focus on the stories that change our hearts towards others.

Family Movies that Encourage Kindness
Movies and videos to share with your family and keep the kindness flowing! Complete with reviews!


I hope you'll join me all this week as we spread a bit of kindness in the world.

Random Acts of Kindness Every Day at LifeInTheNerddom.com


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