Random Acts of Kindness Challenge for Kids


When it comes to finding Random Acts of Kindness that kids can do we have to keep things pretty simple and, of course, safe while also being fun.

I've put together a list of ideas for kids that will hopefully inspire your family to spread some kindness every day!

Don't forget to grab your free printable list. Check off any ideas that your kids complete and give them an extra long hug for their efforts.

Random Acts of Kindness Challenge for Kid at LifeInTheNerddom.com


Things That Don't Cost a Cent

  • share with a sibling or friend
  • do someone's chores for them without them knowing
  • give someone a big hug (ask first!)
  • help your mom or dad make a meal
  • draw a picture or card for someone
  • give someone a heartfelt compliment
  • help a neighbor clean up their yard
  • leave a thank you note in the mailbox for your mail carrier
  • call a family member just to say "I love you!"
  • leave a note or a cute bookmark in library books
  • write friendly notes and happy pictures with chalk on sidewalks at the park
  • choose a toy (or a few) to donate to a charity
  • invite someone new over to play
  • share a smile with everyone you pass
  • hold the door open for someone at a store


Low Cost Options

  • load quarters into soft drink, gumball, and game machines at stores
  • donate blankets, jackets, hats, and/or gloves to the local homeless shelter
  • donate canned food items to a local food pantry
  • tape microwave popcorn bags to local Redbox Movie Kiosks
  • buy some bubbles from the Dollar Store and take them to the park to share
  • take treats to your local fire station or police station
  • buy some sticker sheets at the Dollar Store and pass them out to kids in the grocery store, doctor's office, etc.
  • tuck a few dollar bills around the toy aisle at the Dollar Store
  • buy some coloring books and crayons and drop them off at your local doctor or dentist's office for kids to use while waiting


Don't forget to download a printable list to keep with you and check off as completed!


Today's post is part of my Random Acts of Kindness Every Day Series. If you've missed a segment, you can find them all here.

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