21 Amazing Books About Kindness for Kids


Using books about kindness to teach kids doesn't have to be complicated or time-consuming. Books are wonderful tools to teach children. The stories draw them in, capture their imaginations, and imprint important lessons on their minds.

For these reasons, and many more, it's vital that we as parents choose books wisely so that we're building up desirable character, habits, and morals.

21 Amazing Books About Kindness for Kids at LifeInTheNerddom.com
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Kindness is about more than just doing nice things for people. True kindness shows empathy for others and displays sacrifice for the benefit of others, most often without acknowledgment of any kind.

I've made every effort to choose books that teach more than just "be nice" and instead focus on the stories that change our hearts toward others and inspire us to be more loving and kind. Most of these books, and the accompanying reviews, are from The Good and the Beautiful Book List which we use to choose all of our reading material.





#1 - The Beatinest Boy by Jesse Stuart
This short, heartwarming book brings the old days to life as it strongly supports love of family, thoughtfulness, kindness to animals, and speaking encouragingly...It is a thoroughly enjoyable and fun book that reinforces important values and teaches about life in early America...Note: "Beatinest" means "most remarkable or unusual."

#2 - Lumber Camp Library by Natalie Kinsey-Warnock
Young Ruby Sawyer has lived her whole life in a Vermont lumber camp. When her wonderful father is killed in an accident, life changes for Ruby's family. This is a beautiful story of family, love, kindness, hard work, and love of learning.

#3 - Henry & Bessie: What They Did in the Country by Elizabeth Prentiss
This delightful book takes place in 1853 and follows the story of siblings Henry and Bessie. Having lived all their lives in the city, these two children are excited to move to their new home in the country. Through lovely writing, readers are transported to a more simple time where children explore the wonders of the countryside, plant their first garden, and help change a poor girl's life...It is a gentle, heartwarming, funny, and charming book that teaches about life in the country, strong family bonds, kindness, honesty, love of nature, faith, prayer, and the love of Christ.





#4 - Primrose Day by Carolyn Haywood
Because of WWII, Merry Primrose Ramsay must leave England to live with family in America. I love the refreshing way the children in this book treat adults, siblings, and classmates with respect and kindness.

#5 - Robert Rows the River by Carolyn Haywood
Robert Rows the River is about a boy named Robert who, during the summer, becomes friends with a gypsy boy and his monkey. They have adventures together, and Robert teaches him how to read in exchange for the gypsy boy teaching him to play the violin. This book brings you back to the simple, wholesome summer adventures in times past with rowboats, bicycles, and a wonderful tree house. The book has messages about friendship, not judging others, kindness, and love of learning.

#6 - The Night the Bells Rang by Natalie Kinsey-Warnock
This book takes place during World War I and tells the story of Mason, who lives on a farm with his family. After being bullied, Mason, in-turn, bullies his little brother. The story tells how Mason comes to understand the bully and have compassion for him. In the end, Mason tells his father how he has been bullying his little brother. Mason repents and starts showing kindness to his brother and bonds with him.





#7 - Charlotte's Web by E.B. White
Charlotte's Web has sold over eight million copies and is considered a beloved children's classic. The book is clean and explores the topics of kindness, friendship, loss, and hope.

#8 - Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan
Esperanza has a life of wealth and comfort on her family's ranch in Mexico. But, when tragedy shatters Esperanza's world, she is forced to flee to California and settle in a camp for Mexican farm workers. This story is packed with uplifting messages about family, loyalty, hard work, attitude, gratitude, enduring trials, friendship, honesty, kindness, and more.

#9 - Lucy's Wish by Joan Lowery Nixon
This book tells the interesting and heartwarming story of Lucy, an orphan traveling west on the Orphan Train. Lucy is a kind young girl who dreams of having a father, a mother, and a little sister. When things don't turn out exactly the way she plans, she faces her new life with optimism and kindness. This book contains a lot of historical information and features superb writing.





#10 - Philomena by Kate Seredy
This short book, set in pre-World War I Czechoslovakia, tells the story of 12-year-old Philomena. When her grandmother passes away, Philomena goes to the city of Prague to find her aunt. Unexpected adventures ensue as Philomena tries to find her aunt. The story is fun, sweet, and beautifully written with an overall feeling of kindness, optimism, goodness, and respect.

#11 - Shadow the Sheepdog by Enid Blyton
Kids of all ages would enjoy this sweet and adventurous story. Readers will gain a deeper understanding of the time period and of life on sheep farms. Readers will also learn wonderful lessons about honesty, obedience, not running away from your problems, kindness, forgiveness, and selflessness. Highly recommended as a family read-aloud.

#12 - The Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes
In this touching story, readers learn about the damage caused by prejudice, racism, and teasing as the book illustrates the meaning of being understanding, standing up for what is right, and showing kindness.





#13 - Boys Without Names by Kashmira Sheth
Set in modern-day rural India, this story follows 11-year-old Gopal and his family as they flee to the big city of Mumbai to find work and a better future. However, tragedy strikes when Gopal is captured and imprisoned as a child laborer. This story is very engaging, but it also teaches about India, human nature, and principles such as honesty, hope, kindness, friendship, and loyalty. Although the book dives into the deep topic of forced child labor, it does so without graphic detail or despair - keeping a positive note as Gopal maintains his sense of kindness and hope throughout his difficulties.

#14 - Sleeping Beauty's Daughters by Diane Zahler
This is a beautifully crafted retelling of the fairytale "Sleeping Beauty." It is both exciting and well-written...and it promotes morals such as kindness to siblings, loyalty, good overcoming evil, hope, and friendship.

#15 - The House of Sixty Fathers by Meindert Dejong
This story takes place in WWII as China is invading Japan and follows the fictional story of Tien Poa, a Chinese boy who is separated from his family when his Sampan floats away during the night into enemy territory. The story is exciting and packed with educational value as readers learn more about the culture in China and the historical events of WWII. Tien Pao is a wonderful model of high character as he displays courage, kindness, perseverance, caring, and sacrifice for others.





#16 - The Three Toymakers by Ursula Moray Williams
This book, the first in a trilogy, has a wonderful plot, skilled writing, engaging characters, and messages about friendship, loyalty, kindness to enemies, mercy, forgiveness, selflessness, generosity, courage, resourcefulness, hard work, and overcoming evil. The story begins when Peter Toymaker asks an orphan named Rudi to become his apprentice. Rudi brings his crippled sister, Elsa, and his five brothers to live with Peter. Then the king announces a contest for the best toy, and a thousand gold pieces is the prize.

#17 - The Trumpeter of Krakow by Eric P. Kelly
This adventurous historical fiction Newbery Medal winner takes place in 15th century Poland. As the story starts out, teenage Phillip and his family are fleeing to Krakow after their house is burned down by the Tartars. Phillip's father brings along a secret that has been in the family's safekeeping for over 200 years, but it also puts his family in great danger and requires them to go into hiding. Fantastic writing; a complex, intriguing plot; great historical information; and memorable characters make this a highly recommended book. Honor, kindness, and integrity are highlighted as positive traits, and the negative effects of greed are profoundly displayed.

#18 - The Wheel on the School by Meindert Dejong
This Newbery Medal book, written in 1954, is a delightful gem that takes place in a little Dutch fishing village named Shora. Why do storks no longer come to Shora? The school teacher challenges his small class to find out and do something about it. This story gives insight into the history and culture of the Dutch people as well as teaching about kindness, putting your dreams into action, perseverance, and friendship.






#19 - Beauty by Robin McKinley
This ALA Notable Children's Book, first published in 1978, is a delightful retelling of the classic tale "Beauty and the Beast." The ironically-named heroine in the story, Beauty, is not beautiful! But she is intelligent and kind-hearted. The adventure begins when her family is forced to move into the country to more humble circumstances...compelling plot, positive messages about family, courage, love, kindness, love of learning, and true beauty.

#20 -Kindness Counts by Bryan Smith
When Cade and his family find out their ice cream order was paid for by another patron, they continue paying it forward, and so starts the discussion of random acts of kindness. Cade takes this idea and runs with it, showing unexpected kindnesses to others. But when Cade's dad would like him to donate some of his own toys, he has a hard time. Will Cade be able to learn the importance of being kind to others, even when it isn't easy? Find out in this tale about showing kindness.

#21 - Kindness Matters by John Magee
This book aims to encourage you to make a commitment and conscious effort to carry out acts of kindness and engage with the principle of the Kindness Matters 30 Day Challenge. More for adults than children, this book will give you a great foundation for Random Acts of Kindness Every Day.


If you're looking for more books that encourage high moral values, you'll find more than 650, complete with reviews and ratings, on The Good and the Beautiful Book List. It is completely FREE!


Today's post is part of my Random Acts of Kindness Every Day Series. If you've missed a segment, you can find them all here.

This post may contain some affiliate links for your convenience, which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission. This helps me keep my blog up and running without costing you a penny more! Click here to read my full disclosure policy.


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