Super Quick and Easy Halloween Crafts

My kids LOVE Halloween crafts – or any crafts for that matter. Me? Not so much. I don’t like having to gather all the supplies and I really don’t like the mess. I do appreciate the creative gifts that my kids have so I want them to enjoy some fun crafts, especially around the holidays. Quick & easy crafts are my […]

Help! My Kids Don't Want To Do Their Schoolwork @

Help! My Kids Don’t Want To Do Their Schoolwork!

Homeschooling is full of challenges and those challenges look different for every family. One issue that I hear repeatedly from a lot of homeschool moms is… “Help! My kids don’t want to do their schoolwork!” You’ll find a hundred and one answers to this issue ranging from discipline more to unschooling to enroll them in public school! My home isn’t immune […]

Our Sixth Grade Reading List

My sixth grader loves to read and I’m so thankful for that. She reads so much, however, that it’s hard for me to preview enough books for her. I haven’t always been super picky about what I allow her to read. I would just pick up whatever looked fun from the library. It wasn’t until serious issues with a poor […]

Free Guitar Lessons for Beginners and Kids

Over the years my kids have expressed an interest in learning several different instruments – guitar, piano, ukelele, recorder, violin…just to name a few! I quickly found that private lessons can get very expensive! It’s frustrating to hand over so much money only to have your kid come to you weeks later and announce they are no longer interested in […]

Homeschooling with TV and Movies

Homeschooling with TV and Movies

I’m posting today as part of the Not-Back-to-School Blog Party where more than 25 bloggers have come together for the entire month of August to share all the ways that learning happens outside of textbooks and classrooms. Join me today as I share how you can use TV and Movies as learning tools in your homeschool. But before you head […]

The World of Roald Dahl Unit Study

Roald Dahl was more than just a children’s book author, though he was arguably one of the best that ever laid pen to paper. But did you know that he was also an ace fighter pilot, adventurous backpacker, art collector, and medical inventor? This post contains referral links for your convenience. For more information, please see my policies page. Thanks! […]

Our Favorites for Teaching Science with YouTube

Teaching science with YouTube is a great way to make science both interesting and entertaining, especially for kids who are a bit reluctant to believe that science can actually be fun!   Teaching Science with YouTube We love supplementing our science units with videos and YouTube has an abundant selection of quality content to choose from. We’ve used many over […]

Sons in God's Family Bible Study for Young Men at

Bible Study for Young Men

When I first read the vintage book The Boy Christian I knew that it was a wonderful Bible study for young men that had been forgotten over time. I had to make sure that it was available for young men of today to access and use.   Originally published in 1899, this no-frills study addresses timeless issues young men face in […]

10 Days to a Flexible Homeschool Plan - Wrapping it Up

Flexible Homeschool Plan Wrap Up

It has been a fun 10 days filled with lots of printables, videos, photos, and advice for building an all around flexible homeschool plan for your year. Today I’m wrapping up the series with an all in one recap of everything we’ve learned!   Step 1: Determining Your School Year For the greatest flexibility in your school year, I highly […]

10 Days to a Flexible Homeschool Plan - Organizing the Stuff

Organizing the Stuff

If you’re just joining me for the 10 Days to a Flexible Homeschool Plan series, then be sure to read the previous posts. Day 1: 10 Days to a Flexible Homeschool Plan Day 2: Determining Your School Year Day 3: Finding Your Routine Day 4: Deciding What to Teach and When Day 5: Scheduling Your Resources Day 6: Putting it All to Work Day 7: Facing the […]