What a Crazy Summer! Ready For Our Fall Bucket List!



Hello again!

No, I did not disappear from the face of the planet! This has just been an incredibly crazy summer! Between weeks of swim lessons, VBS (twice), weekly horse riding lessons, visits from our son (and lots of them, yay!), helping my sister move, and planning our new school year...well, I didn't find much time for writing.

BUT, I have a really long list of things to share with you in the coming weeks, the first of which is our family's Fall Bucket List!

Printable Fall Bucket List at LifeInTheNerddom.com

Fall Bucket List

I keep our fall bucket list short and easily doable so that I don't feel overwhelmed by it. I want to enjoy our bucket list, not feel like it's smothering me!

I separated our list into three categories: To Do, To Make, To Share.

To Do

  1. Go to a football game
    We are not big football fans. I know, we're soooo unamerican. I do think our kids should experience a football game though. It just so happens that my Alma Mater will be playing Nerdy's Alma Mater for homecoming this year so that's probably the one that we'll go to.
  2. Visit the Apple Orchard
    Fall just wouldn't be fall without a trip to a local apple orchard to pick apples and eat apple donuts.
  3. Visit the corn maze
    We've never done this before, and I'm honestly a little nervous about doing it this year. Nerdlet is one of those kids that would go charging through the corn barriers just to see if he could. I might have to put him on a leash.
  4. Fall nature scavenger hunt
    Pretty self-explanatory. When I get it finished I'll have a whole printable pack for you!
  5. Read outside
    Yes, I have to remind myself to do this. Sad isn't it?
  6. Host a bonfire
    Don't tell Princess Dork, but this is really for her. We'll let her invite a few friends over and enjoy a night of roasting marshmallows and maybe a Minute To Win It contest.
  7. Go Camping
    Already have this on the calendar and I am super excited! We just bought a new (to us) pop-up camper and I am itching to try it out!
  8. Attend the Festival of Bands
    The local high school hosts a really cool Festival of Bands every year and I plan to take the kiddos this year. It's an all day event with marching bands from around the state, so they should have a grand ole time. Check with your local high schools to see if they have something similar that your family can attend.

To Make

  1. Pumpkin Pie
    No brainer there. This is the recipe we use.
  2. Leaf Art
    The kiddos LOVE this. They like to look for just the perfect leaves to make their poster. It's always fun. We'll be using the instructions found at What We Do All Day.
  3. Carve Jack-O-Lanterns
    Again, no brainer.
  4. Apple Butter
    This is done after our trip to the apple orchard. I adore apple butter. I would eat it on everything if doing so didn't make me totally weird.
  5. Preserve Leaves
    We like to iron pretty leaves between two sheets of wax paper. Then I will laminate some to use as bookmarks. The rest I will modge podge to make pretty fall art for our walls using this method I found at Crafty Journal.
  6. Can Jelly
    I like making our own jelly because we can make flavors that you'd never find in the stores, like Candy Apple and Winter Apple, which we call Apple Pie jelly because it tastes JUST like apple pie.

To Share

  1. Make cookies for Fire Department, Police Officers, and Mailman
    I never want my kids to take our public service people for granted.
  2. Have a canned food drive
    The kids will deliver flyers around our neighborhood that give a date for picking up non-perishable food. After we pick up we'll deliver it to the local food pantry. I'd like to also see if the food pantry will allow us to help during the next open day.
  3. Deliver our canned Jelly to neighbors
    After we can our jelly we'll take some to our neighbors as "hey, we think you are totally awesome neighbors" gifts.

That's it!

Told you it was short!

I made a printable to stick on our fridge that doesn't require a ton of ink to print. You can download it here or by clicking the picture below.


What are your favorite fall bucket list traditions? I am always looking for new ideas, so please share!




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