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It's easy for Bible curriculum to become an afterthought, especially when much of our core curriculum is written from a Christian perspective. But Bible study is so important for our children, even beyond the connections they get from their history, science, literature, and other core subjects.

I've found quite a few gems over the years and have collected our favorites here just for you!

This is Day 5 of my 10 Days of Completely Free Homeschool Curriculum series. Be sure to check it out to find free curriculum for EVERY subject!


Free Bible Curriculum for All Grades at

Elementary Bible Curriculum

Future Flying Saucers
I have had the privilege of using Anne-Marie's books Walk This Way and What God is Doing with my children. Her object lessons are amazing, and she has graciously offered a HUGE selection completely free on her website. These simple lessons are easy to set up and implement.


Truth For Kids
Truth for Kids offers a wonderful "Bible Story References for Kids" that will help you plan your own Bible curriculum or you can enjoy their two free ready-to-go resources for children:

  • God's Garden
    This book is a journey through God's Garden—for kids. The journey starts in the Garden of Eden and ends in God's perfect heaven. It is a Gospel narrative—a story of discovery that brings out important Bible truths in a down-to-earth way. In the story, two children interact with parts of scripture that refer to nature; and as they start to understand the principles of nature, they grow in their faith. You can download the book and activity workbook that goes along with it.
  • Uncovering Bible Treasure
    A 68-page book and activity workbook covering 35 topics relevant to children age 8-12.


Teaching with God's Heart for the World
The curriculum includes 160 day-by-day teaching plans, missionary highlights, motivational mission stories, crafts, songs, prayer projects, and hundreds of ways to incorporate a passion for the lost into nearly every subject (including Bible Study, Family Devotions, Reading, Writing, Geography, History, Art, Science, and even highlights for Math).


Kids of Integrity
Kids of Integrity is a project by Focus on the Family Canada. They offer a set of free, downloadable lesson plans that help parents instill Christ-honoring character traits in their kids. There are currently 32  very thorough lessons available.


God's Hand in Our Lives
Brought to you by the Church of the Lutheran Confession, these 117 lessons on both the Old and New Testaments include teacher's notes, lesson handouts for K-8th grade, Bible references, maps, images, and more.


Garden of Praise
This is a HUGE resource for Bible lessons for children. You'll find stories from the Old and New Testaments, stories about Jesus, The Early Church, the Travels of Apostle Paul, and Women of the Bible. Each lesson has an audio reading, a reading passage (if you prefer to read it yourself without the audio), discussion questions, memory verses, and even an online test. If you prefer printable materials you'll find plenty of those too!


Calvary Curriculum
Calvary Curriculum offers over 300 Bible studies written specifically for children. Each study includes activities such as crossword puzzles, word searches, coloring pages, and more to guide children through a story of specific passages. Super easy to access—just click and print! Fantastic resource!


Free Sunday School Curriculum
At Free Sunday School Curriculum you'll find 120 lessons on the Old Testament for PreK-4th Grade, 84 lessons on the New Testament for PreK-4th Grade, and 95 lessons in the Foundations of the Faith curriculum for 5th and 6th Grades. Every lesson is in printable PDF format. There are also planning guides available.


Middle School Bible Curriculum

Real Life Downloaded
RLD gives you lessons based on current events in real life in real-time. Great for kids ages 11 through 18, and adults too! New lessons are added weekly so there's always something new to choose from, or take a look through the archives to find lots of topics.


God's Hand in Our Lives
Brought to you by the Church of the Lutheran Confession, these 117 lessons on both the Old and New Testaments include teacher's notes, lesson handouts for K-8th grade, Bible references, maps, images, and more.


Open Network
With engaging video dramas and Bible-based topics, the free Switch curriculum from Open Network offers middle and high school lessons complete with leader guides, student guides, videos, and activities. The series of lessons utilize The Bible Project (see below) videos, which are amazing and incredibly engaging for this age group.


The Bible Project
While this isn't a written curriculum, it is an amazing free Bible teaching tool, especially if you have a visual learning like I do! There are over 150 videos to choose from with more being added all the time.


Answers in Genesis (middle to high school)
A large collection of online books, most of them free.


Ambleside Online Bible Reading
Not a lot of fluff to be found here, just a scheduled reading plan to use.



High School Bible Curriculum

Grace Notes Diploma Courses
This is a GREAT resource filled with lessons and studies. You can follow the suggested course of study for diploma courses, or choose your own topic or book of the Bible to study. Quizzes are also included for those that would like to use them.


Truth For Kids
Though most of this site caters to younger children, they have a hidden gem for teenagers and young adults called You Are More Than You Think by Dave Strehler. The book teaches a Biblical view of how God has made the body, soul, and spirit to function together. Readers will discover how to understand their emotions, develop a god-controlled will, grow spiritually, and identify gifts, talents, and personality types. You do have to submit your email for this one, but it's free.


Bible Fluency
Bible Fluency is a free learning program integrating high quality songs, images, a workbook, video teaching, and classes to help people learn their way around the Bible. This program is ideal for a high school student studying at home. The two classes together (Old Testament Fluency in 12 Weeks and New Testament Fluency in 12 Weeks) can fulfill a home education requirement for one year of Bible.


Hillsdale College
Hillsdale College has (at the time of this writing) two free courses suitable for a high school Bible course.

  • Theology 101: The Western Theological Tradition
    The Western theological tradition stretches back thousands of years to the time of the ancient Hebrews. This tradition has had a profound impact on the development of Western Civilization as a whole. This course will consider the origins and development of Western theology from the Old Testament through the twentieth century.
  • The Genesis Story
    Genesis is a book of fundamental importance for the Jewish and Christian faiths and has exerted a profound influence on Western Civilization. In addition to being a great religious text, it is also a literary masterpiece. This course explores some of the work’s major narrative themes, including the complex relationship between God and man, the consequences of a rupture in that relationship, and the path towards reconciliation.


Good Answers Ministries
Dr. Culley offers a series of PowerPoint voice-over lectures on how archaeology, history, and science support our faith in Scripture written specifically to teenagers and young adults.


Dallas Theological Seminary
From their site: For more than 90 years, DTS has been committed to teaching the truth found in Scripture. The Bible is our central course of study – and every word in it is useful for building up the Body of Christ (2 Tim 3:16). We believe the world desperately needs biblical truth, and these courses will help us reach and teach more people than ever before. Current offerings include (NOTE these are great for parents too):

  • Corinthians
    A seven-week course taught by Dr. Tom Constable. You will learn about the history and background surrounding Paul’s messages to the church at Corinth and explore how to find your identity in Christ.
  • James
    A five-week course taught by the late Dr. Stanley Toussaint. You will explore lessons in Christian maturity, including the importance of taming your tongue and considering the trials in your life as “pure joy.”
  • Understanding God's Covenants
    A six-week course on the major covenants of the Bible. It will walk you through the key promises God has made to His people. Dive into this enlightening course today and gain a greater understanding of the promise-keeping God we serve.
  • The Life of Christ
    A nine-week course taught by the late Dr. J. Dwight Pentecost, who passed away in 2014. This course will broaden your understanding of the words and works of Jesus as you journey through Israel, seeing the places Jesus walked.
  • The Story of Scripture
    A twelve-week course taught by Dr. Mark Yarbrough—Vice President for Academic Affairs, Academic Dean, and Associate Professor of Bible Exposition at Dallas Theological Seminary. You’ll learn the structure of the Bible, how the English language impacts our understanding of it, and the focal point of every verse it contains.
  • Revelation
    A nine-week course taught by Dr. Stanley Toussaint (1928-2017), examining insights into the social, political, and religious conditions of John’s day, how to interpret the prophecies presented in Revelation, and what Revelation tells us about Christ’s return.
  • Can You Trust the Bible?
    an eight-week course taught by three of DTS’ most esteemed biblical scholars. You’ll learn the history of the Bible, how it was canonized, and whether or not it can be trusted as the inerrant word of God.
  • and many more!


The Theology Program
From the website: The Theology Program is a program of Christian theology (study of God) and apologetics (defending the faith) created with all believers in mind. TTP seeks to give people who may never have the time, ability, or circumstances that allow them to attend full-time seminary the same opportunity to study the great and rich Christian heritage of truth. Here, you will learn theology historically, biblically, and irenically (in a peaceful manner). The contents of TTP are created from a broadly evangelical perspective, engaging other traditions in a persuasive yet gracious manner. In short, we seek to help people think theologically by understanding what they believe and why they believe it. The courses follow a very specific and intentional order. Once one has taken the Introduction to Theology course, they can then move on to any of the other five courses, but students should proceed in the suggested order.

  • Introduction to Theology
    This is a theological studies methods course. Its primary purpose is to teach you skills for developing a Christian mind, by helping you construct a solid foundation for thinking through life's most important issues.
  • Bibliology and Hermeneutics
    This course focuses on the authority, nature, and interpretation (hermeneutics) of the Scriptures. It is designed to help students work through issues that concern the trust they place in the Bible and its interpretation.
  • Trinitarianism
    Who is God? Better yet, what is God? Can we know for certain that He exists? If so, how? How can God be one yet three? How can Christ be both God and man? Why didn't Christ know the time of His coming?
  • Humanity and Sin
    Why did God create man? What is man? What happened when Adam sinned? Are we condemned for the sin of another? Do we have a free will? Men and women: what is the big difference?
  • Soteriology
    This course is a study of the nature of salvation. Much time will be spent attempting to understand the ongoing debate between God's sovereignty in salvation and man's responsibility. It will answers questions such as: Are we really predestined by God? If so, isn't this unfair? Why did Christ die on the cross? Did he pay for all sins or just the sins of the elect? What is the difference between Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, and Protestants with regard to salvation? Can a person lose their salvation? If so, how? Is Christ the only way to heaven? What about those who have never heard?
  • Ecclesiology and Eschatology
    What is the nature of the Church? What is the difference between dispensational and covenant theologians with regard to the church? What should the Church be doing? What are the gifts God has given to the church? What is the difference in premillennialism, amillennialism, and postmillennialism? What is the tribulation? Is there such a thing as hell?


Vintage Books as Bible Curriculum

We love vintage out-of-print books and have enjoyed so many over the years. Here are some of our favorites for Bible and character learning.

The Chosen People
by Charlotte M. Yonge
Written by the same author as The Little Duke, this vintage text is beloved by many for its straightforward conversational tone and wealth of applicable knowledge.

The Children's Six Minutes
by Bruce S. Wright
For: Elementary Age Students
This book is a collection of short sermons given to the children of the author's congregation. This book is a goldmine of concise and thoughtful lessons for children.

The Wonder Book of Bible Stories by Logan Marshall
Gutenberg Text -
Librivox Audio Book -
This wonderful vintage book, last published in 1925, contains a variety of Bible stories with black and white illustrations. From the introduction: Happy is that child who has heard, over and over again, the Bible stories until they have become fixed in his mind and memory, to become the foundations of a noble life. It is with the desire of aiding parents and teachers in telling these stories, and aiding children to understand them, also in the hope that they may be read in many schools, that a few among the many interesting stories in the Bible have been chosen, brought together and as far as necessary simplified to meet the minds of the young.

The Children's Great Texts of the Bible
by James Hastings, D. D.
These wonderful books are such a treasure! We have loved reading from each of these volumes. I have, unfortunately, not been able to locate the volume on Mark to John. From the introduction: But the mother or the father in the home is most of all in need of such short addresses as this volume and its successors will be found to contain. They are all original....They are fresh studies of life in the light of God's word. They are not crude because they are simple.

Bible Boys and Girls 
by Calvin D. Wilson
These stories are more fictionalized than true Bible stories, but they are wonderful for giving context and helping Bible stories come alive. It's a very engaging read that my children love. From the introduction: We have endeavored to illustrate the environment of many of the young people of Biblical times. Even where the Scriptures have not given us much incident, we have presented the historical background and certain ancient conditions of youthful life.

The Boy's Life of Christ
by William Byron Forbush
While this book takes a few liberties, it is a fascinating look at the life of Jesus. The author makes the childhood of Jesus come alive and answers the question "What did he do?" From the introduction: This book is a painting, rather than a photograph. That is, it has both background and foreground. What is left in the background is put there not for concealment, but only so that the highlights may seem more intense...There is also a careful attempt to show, as far as my readers would care to know, how Jesus developed from boyhood to manhood.

What Jesus Said: Talks to Boys and Girls
by Will Reason
This is a wonderful little book of 24 topics that children can relate to, such as growing up, playing tricks on April Fools Day, Bullies, and The Golden Rule. Some of the references are a little antiquated (such as wearing Knickerbockers) but those things are easily altered as you read.



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