Free Bible Curriculum for All Grades at

Free Bible Curriculum for All Grades

It’s easy for Bible curriculum to become an afterthought, especially when much of our core curriculum is written from a Christian perspective. But Bible study is so important for our children, even beyond the connections they get from their history, science, literature, and other core subjects. I’ve found quite a few gems over the years and have collected our favorites […]

Sons in God's Family Bible Study for Young Men at

Bible Study for Young Men

When I first read the vintage book The Boy Christian I knew that it was a wonderful Bible study for young men that had been forgotten over time. I had to make sure that it was available for young men of today to access and use.   Originally published in 1899, this no-frills study addresses timeless issues young men face in […]

Why I’m Not a Get Up Early Mom

I have never been a morning person. I’m sure getting up early works for some, if not most, people, but there are some of us that simply are not early rising people and our reasons for not getting up early vary widely.   This post may contain some affiliate links for your convenience, which means if you make a purchase […]