Bible Study for Young Men


When I first read the vintage book The Boy Christian I knew that it was a wonderful Bible study for young men that had been forgotten over time. I had to make sure that it was available for young men of today to access and use.


Originally published in 1899, this no-frills study addresses timeless issues young men face in their Christian walk. Things such as:

  • Understanding what belief is, why it's important, and the results of believing.
  • How to know that you are saved, beyond any doubt.
  • The importance of getting rid of sinful habits and how to replace them with good habits.
  • Characteristics of a heroic Christian - courage, endurance, perseverance, self-sacrifice, self-control, and love.
  • Learning to pray, and not just how, but also where and why.
  • The importance of daily Bible study, prayer, obedience, and serving others.
  • and so much more!

The original text has been updated with modern language and reformatted into an easy to use workbook.

There are thirteen weeks of thought-provoking, cut to the chase, Scripture-based studies to help develop a habit of daily study in God's Word.

Here's a sneak peak.






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