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It may seem impossible, but you really can provide a quality homeschool education without spending a penny on curriculum! Today for the Homeschool Every Grade for FREE series, I'm sharing all of the resources you'll need to homeschool third grade. These resources cover Language Arts, Handwriting, Reading Comprehension, Spelling, Math, Science, History, and even a few extras like Art and Music.

Everything you need to get started homeschooling third grade is included. Simply follow the links!

Homeschool Third Grade Completely Free at

Language Arts

The Good and the Beautiful Language Arts

The Good and the Beautiful Language Arts Level 3 covers phonics, reading, writing, spelling, literature, grammar, punctuation, art, and geography all in ONE beautiful and comprehensive language arts course. This curriculum is completely open-and-go so you don't have to plan anything! Simply print the materials, open the coursebook to the first lesson, and begin!

Note: Scroll down to the orange circles to download the curriculum for free.


TLS Books offers several different styles of handwriting worksheets to choose from. At this level, you'll want to begin precursive practice with the D'Nealian Style Handwriting Fonts, or move directly into the Cursive Handwriting Practice Sheets.

Alternatively, you can choose the spelling practice sheets provided by Plain and Not So Plain for 3rd grade. She offers regular print, cursive, and even left-handed worksheets. Your student can practice handwriting and get extra spelling practice at the same time.


Reading Comprehension

While there is lots of reading incorporated into The Good and the Beautiful Language Arts, there may be some children who would like to read more. In that case, Plain and Not So Plain offers some very simple, straight-forward reading comprehension downloads that you can use with chapter books.



Plain and Not So Plain offers a wonderful third-grade math program that covers all the topics needed in third grade, and then some, in a very straightforward manner. Simply print the workbook and complete one worksheet per day. Done!


History & Geography

For history and geography, Under the Home has you completely covered.

For American History, you'll read through A First Book of American History, which is a wonderful vintage text that kids love. Don't forget to download the activity book that goes along with the course.

In World History, you'll read The Story of Mankind. This course also has a downloadable activity book.

And in Geography you'll study Our Place in the World. You'll also find a notebooking journal for this course.


For Science you'll stay with Under the Home where you'll study plants using The Handbook of Nature Study and the Burgess Flower Book. The course also includes a lesson guide with vocabulary words, discussion questions, activities, and quizzes as well as a notebooking journal that you can print and use.


These extras are for the purpose of adding fun to your day, developing the interests of your child, or filling free time in productive ways. It's important to note that these extras are just that . . . extras. They are not required material for third grade (at least in most states–be sure to check your local state homeschooling laws).


Under the Home offers a Studio Art course that covers simple drawing methods.

Art for Kids Hub offers video tutorials on how to draw just about anything you can think of! They are great fun! Here's a sample:


Under the Home has a Whimsical Woodwinds and Boisterous Brass course that includes 36 weeks of lessons. Each lesson includes vocabulary words, activities, discussion questions, and more.



PE with Joe has been recording daily PE videos for kids since March 2020. As of this post, there are 78 videos available!

Cosmic Kids Yoga is a favorite with my kids. They LOVE the videos and yoga workouts, and I find that I can turn one of these on when the day is going a little haywire and the kids will be much more settled afterward. WIN! Here's a sample:



And there you have it! Everything you need to homeschool third grade completely free!

I hope you have a wonderful third-grade year!


Homeschool Third Grade Completely Free at
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