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Over the years my kids have expressed an interest in learning several different instruments - guitar, piano, ukelele, recorder, violin...just to name a few! I quickly found that private lessons can get very expensive! It's frustrating to hand over so much money only to have your kid come to you weeks later and announce they are no longer interested in playing that instrument.

It feels like wasted money!

We don't have to fork over hundreds of dollars when there are so many websites out there offering professional beginner lessons absolutely free! Our kids can try their hand at different instruments until they find one that fits, THEN we can start paying for private lessons.

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Here are our favorite sites for completely free guitar lessons.


Completely FREE Guitar Lessons for Beginners at offers a library of free guitar lessons in video form. Their Beginner Guitar Quick-Start Series was created specifically for students that are brand new to the guitar. No experience or previous knowledge about guitars is required!

When you're finished with the beginner series you can advance to the Rhythm Guitar Lessons, Lead Guitar Lessons, or the Blues Guitar Lessons. When you're done with all of those you can hop over to their YouTube channel to find even more free lessons on things such as music theory, guitar gear, maintenance & care of your guitar, and jam tracks!



Justin Guitar

At you'll find more than 750 free guitar lessons, 500+ free song tutorials, and an amazing library of instruction on things such as ear training, theory, technique, songwriting, and much more.

From the site:

Often cited as the best guitar instruction to be found anywhere online, by keeping it completely free he has given the opportunity to learn guitar to everyone - the shy, the poor and those simply too busy to make regular lessons.

The approach is patient. Learn one thing well and be able to use it before you learn more. The method works, and many hundreds of thousands of people around the world have benefited from the lessons on the site.


Worship Tutorials

This free beginner course focuses on basics such as rhythm and strumming, timing, learning chords, and learning full songs. There are 17 lessons to progress through at your own pace, with more being added soon.

When you're finished with the beginner lessons you can choose from a variety of more advanced lessons and one of over 180 song resources that include chord charts and tutorial videos. Don't forget to visit their YouTube channel.



Andy Guitar

At you'll find hundreds of free guitar lessons including song tutorials, a beginners course, help with strumming, and answers to common questions from learning guitarists.

The site is not only 100% free, but you can also create a free account which allows you to track your progress, log what you've learned, and download free eBooks, videos, and jam tracks.


5 Minute Guitar Lessons

If you're more interested in short videos that will have you playing songs quickly then 5 Minute Guitar Lessons might be a great fit for you. This YouTube channel offers beginner lessons and tutorials for several popular songs.



Have Amazon Prime?

If you have an Amazon Prime account you'll find the following courses and videos available for free. Don't have a prime account? Get a free 30-day trial here.

Beginner Guitar Course
A complete course for guitar beginners in ten easy to understand lessons covers everything you need to know about playing guitar. You'll learn about the anatomy of the guitar, string names, chords, scales, riffs, blues licks, fingerstyle, and more.

Learn How to Play Acoustic Guitar for Beginners
With these acoustic guitar lessons, tips & techniques, you can play acoustic guitar easier than ever before! Learn parts of the guitar, tuning, chords, strumming techniques, fingerpicking, arpeggios, blues progressions & more.

Learn How to Play Blues Guitar for Beginners
To learn how to play blues guitar doesn't have to be difficult. Learn the insider secrets to playing like the blues greats quickly and easily guaranteed! In this blues guitar lessons video, you will learn how to play blues Rhythms, Minor Blues, Jazz Blues, Rumba Blues, 12 Bar Blues, Scales, Blues Scales, Moveable Scales, Bends, Vibrato, Sliding & More.

Advancing Guitar 
When you're ready, the Advancing Guitar series offers guitarists who have already managed to get beyond the beginner stage a step by step instruction to take their guitar playing to the next level. Taught by professional guitarist Ross Baird, you will be taken through a range of techniques that means you will have a better understanding of your instrument and how to play many more songs and styles.



Know of More Free Guitar Lessons?

If you know of a free guitar lesson resource not mentioned here please share with readers in the comments!


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