5 Reasons I Always Shop Aldi First

5 Reasons I Always Shop Aldi First

I pass three grocery stores and a Wal-Mart Supercenter on the 5 mile trip to shop my local Aldi. I’ve had people ask me why I wouldn’t just save myself the gas and time and shop at the nearest store. Here are my top 5 reasons.


#1 - Less Overwhelming

Except for a few rare occasions that they get a good deal on something name brand and run it as a special, they only carry the Aldi brand. So when I’m shopping I don’t have to look at 50 different cans of green beans or 20 different bottles of ketchup. There is one bottle of ketchup, one brand of milk, one brand of cheese…you get the point. It’s simple, and I like simple.


# 2 - Quick and Easy Shopping

I’m usually in and out with a full week of groceries in less than 30 minutes. This includes shopping, checking out, bagging and loading into the car. The stores are much smaller than a normal grocery store, which makes shopping considerably less lengthy. Their check out system is out of this world quick. From loading the groceries onto the belt to getting my receipt takes 3-4 minutes tops! It’s crazy how quickly the checkout goes. I think Aldi secretly has Ninja’s training their cashiers.


Aldi has the Cheapest Produce in Town

# 3 - Cheapest Produce in Town

Their daily produce prices are a little lower than other stores, but no other store around here can touch their sale prices on produce. I’ve gotten 5 lb. bags of potatoes for $0.99; 3 lbs. of apples for $1.79; 5 lb. bags of oranges for $1.79. It’s hard to beat those prices so I buy lots when it’s on sale. What I don’t use it I will preserve for later.


# 4 - I Can Organize My Groceries

Ok, so this one might show my weirdness just a little, but hey…I like some things well organized!

Other grocery stores just throw stuff into bags haphazardly so when you get home you have this mound of plastic bags full of random stuff to put away. Totally not efficient!

At Aldi, I bag my own groceries so I can get everything organized before I even put the bag in the kitchen. I have a bag for produce, another for cans, another for refrigerated items, another for freezer items….you get the picture.

When I get home I put each bag in front of the cabinet (or fridge) it goes to and start unloading. Easy peasy!

Extra perk: If it’s nice outside I can roll the buggy out to the car and bag the groceries there. One less time that I have to pick up a bag!


# 5 - Aldi Saves Me a TON of Money

I saved the best for last, of course. Simply put, I save so much money at Aldi that it’s worth the extra drive and effort. No coupons, no price-matching, no hassle.


PLUS!!! Aldi stands by their products with a DOUBLE Guarantee! Kinda can’t go wrong with that. Try anything you want, and if you don’t like it, simply return it. No questions asked.

Aldi's Unbeatable Double Guarantee


What about you? Do you shop at Aldi?

Tell us what you love - or DON’T love - about Aldi!


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