Review of Excellence in Literature Handbook for Writers

When we first began homeschooling, I had a 7th and 10th grader. I didn’t have to worry about teaching them to read or basic arithmetic or even a general overview of history. They already had those things. Instead, I worried about things like teaching them to write effective essays and evaluating their writing. It was incredibly intimidating when I could […]

Boundary Stone Economics–A Natural Law Approach at

Boundary Stone–A Natural Law Approach to Economics

Most of my adult life has been spent learning Government and Economics, subjects that should have been learned in high school but weren’t. I wasn’t exactly a devoted student in those days, so it’s no surprise that I retained very little from the class. I wish that the Boundary Stone Economics Online Course Bundle had been available those many years […]

Feeling Unqualified to Homeschool High School?

Welcome to the “What’s Your Secret Struggle Homeschool Mom?” guest post series. Today, Amy Saunders from Orison Orchards tackles one of the most common struggles that all homeschool moms face—can I really homeschool high school? My younger kids take a weekly class at our local children’s museum. Today I was talking with one of the museum employees, who seemed to […]