When Your Homeschool Child Begs To Go To Public School

Welcome to the "What's Your Secret Struggle Homeschool Mom?" guest post series. Today, I'm sharing resources to help when your homeschool child begs to go to public school.

Is there anything more discouraging to a homeschool mom than when our child begs to go to public school? It’s like they’re screaming, “You aren’t doing a good job! You aren’t giving me what I need!”

When I surveyed local homeschool moms and readers asking them to share their toughest struggles, this issue was one of the top responses I received. I think every homeschooled child says “I want to go to school” at some point. If they have contact with anyone in a public school, then they want to experience what they think they’re missing.

So how do we respond to their questions and desire to attend the local public school?

When Your Child Begs To Go To Public School at LifeInTheNerddom.com

I don’t have what I would consider great advice to give on this subject. I have gone back and forth with this issue for years. Our older children attended public school until their 9th and 6th-grade years. Our younger children have never been to public school, but I really wanted to put them there for a while.

Based on the results of my survey, this is definitely a secret struggle that homeschool moms deal with, and so I want to provide a resource of information and encouragement for you.

I found some wonderfully sound advice from three different veteran homeschool moms. Each brings their own perspective and wisdom to the arena - and that’s where it can feel like we are when it comes to discussing this particular struggle, right in the middle of a UFC octagon. There are so many different opinions and some people feel very strongly about where they stand. No wonder we are so reluctant to talk to others about this struggle!


Help! My Child Wants to Go Back to Public School

In her post Help! My Child Wants to Go Back to Public School, Kris from Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers gives some excellent advice on starting a dialogue with your child about their desires that will help you determine where it’s coming from. She then walks you through how she and her daughter talked through the issues, made a pros and cons list, and ultimately met the needs her child had.


What I Learned Sending My Homeschooled Child to Public School

Dr. Melanie Wilson from Psycho With 6 offers a valuable perspective in What I Learned Sending My Homeschooled Child to Public School. Her son transitioned to public school in high school and had a very positive experience. Many homeschooling moms worry about high school and feel more comfortable with the idea of public school rather than homeschool during those high school years. Here’s a bit of encouragement for you!


When Your Child Goes From Homeschooling to Public School

Finally, Jeanne Faulconer, contributing writer for The Homeschool Mom Newsletter, shares a long list of things that can be expected should we decide to transition our children to public school. When Your Child Goes From Homeschooling to Attending School covers everything from the records you'll need to have to dealing with the bureaucracy.


Has your child asked to go to public school? How did your family handle their questions? Did you make that transition? I would love to hear your story!

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