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Welcome to the "What's Your Secret Struggle Homeschool Mom?" guest post series. Today, we hear from Kristina Peterson (who blogs at Book Bound Boys) about ways to keep your homeschool record keeping super simple!

Everyone wants a super simple homeschool record keeping system.  The system that I am going to share has worked for me throughout the years and has been a great help in creating transcripts for my two college students.

The benefit of knowing you have the homeschooling records you need right at your fingertips gives you some peace of mind, not to mention, it keeps you on track and organized.

Super Simple Homeschool Record Keeping at

What Homeschool Records to Keep

Having worked at a homeschool program, part of my responsibility was to teach our families what records to keep for their end of year teacher evaluations. The requirements were not much different than most state homeschooling laws. I currently live in one of the many states that are rated as having some of the stricter regulations for homeschooling.

You will want to check the regulations for the state that you live. If you have to go to the school district office, I have found that the office staff is usually glad to help you and has booklets with all the information you need.


Supplies You'll Need

First, you will need your basic supplies.  You may have these things on hand already.

Super Simple Homeschool Record Keeping at


  • File box
  • Colored hanging file folders
  • File folder labels

The forms I have listed here are extensive. Yes, I am going to remind you to review your state requirements because you would hate to discover that you were missing a form or that you made more work for yourself then you needed to.



  • School Calendar
  • Attendance
  • A Course of Study
  • Grades
  • Book Log
  • Samples: tests, essays, photos of field trips, artwork, PE logs, Scout awards
  • Medical records

Because I had multiple students I used colored file folders for each child and for the administrative records.

You can get forms for free at  I have been using her site for 15 years!  Her site is the most thorough site for homeschooling forms I have ever found that once I found it I never searched for another.


Putting It Together

Administrative Records Section

  • School Calendar
    A calendar showing the beginning and end of your school year.  If your school is year round then you can make a note on the calendar stating that your program is year round.
  • Medical Records
    Usually, verification supplied from your family doctor of vaccinations, vision test, and dental visits.
  • Copies of forms and correspondence with the school district
    A copy of the affidavit and receipt you have given the school district.  Letters sent to you from the school district
  • Attendance
    A simple record of the days your children were taught.

Course Records

  • Course of Study
    A detailed plan of you what you will cover.
  • Grades
    The assigned grades i.e. letter for each course
  • Book Log
    The books you have used for each course plus any additions you have added.
  • Samples
    A collection of tests, essays, photos of field trips, artwork and any other form of documentation that shows achievement and progression of the studies.

For samples, I made a separate file for each course.

For example, in my Math file folder, I kept my son's tests to demonstrate his progression in the math program.


If you don’t want to go to your local district office a good reliable place to find out what records your state requires is Home School Legal Defense Association or most popularly known as HSLDA.  There are also websites and online homeschool support groups that are specific to your state which can be found with a quick Google search.


Your Family's Needs

I like super simple, and the families that I taught how to keep records liked this system too.  What’s nice is that you can start with this basic approach and develop a homeschool record keeping system that works with your family's needs.

When my sons grew older, I added files for interesting opportunities, colleges, transcripts, and conferences that were happening in the area.  Things like that.

Now all you need to do is work on the hard stuff like remembering to use your book log and filling out your attendance sheet.  Those are the two documents that I am always filling out at the last minute!  You don't want to do that, trust me!


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Super Simple Homeschool Record Keeping at
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