Planning a Weekend Camping Trip

Planning a Weekend Camping Trip at

We are really not a “take a vacation every year” type family. Vacations can be expensive and don't fit into our very tight budget.

We also don’t much care for the idea of going somewhere for a week, running ourselves ragged, and coming home more exhausted than when we left.

No thanks.

We keep it low key in the Nerddom, and what’s more low key than camping?

While I don’t mind the occasional camping at “resorts” with lots of people, pools and playgrounds, we much prefer the more primitive environments where you have to unplug the junk, use your imagination, enjoy each other and bask in the quiet of God’s creation.


Planning a Weekend Camping Trip at

My idea of a perfect vacation is a week in the woods near a little stream with a tote full of books and no agenda whatsoever.

Unfortunately, the kids protest (loudly) that such an idea may very well be the death of them, via sheer boredom.

Little buggers.

Planning a Weekend Camping Trip at

Since we are planning several camping trips this summer I am going to need an arsenal of ideas to keep the kiddos happy. Over the next week I’ll  be sharing everything that I gather including loads of low key, nature friendly games and activities for the kids, meal plans that require very little labor, and all of my favorite camping tips, tricks and hacks that help me save time, money and sanity!

Join me all this week as we prepare for our summer camping trips!

Monday - Camping Meals: Breakfast

Tuesday - Camping Meals: Lunch & Snacks

Wednesday - Camping Meals: Dinner & Desserts

Thursday - Games & Fun for Kids While Camping

Friday - The Best Camping Tips, Tricks, and Hacks

Don't miss a single post! By the end of the week, you'll have everything you need to have a fabulous weekend camping getaway.

Wondering how we camp?

Here is the equipment that we have purchased so far:

We have an Ozark Trail straight leg 10x10 pop-up canopy that we attach these to...

We bought 2 of them last year from Wal-Mart and we LOVE them! You would not believe how easy it is to set them up. Paired with a sunshade on the remaining 2 sides of the canopy and it creates a little private living room of sorts.

This year, I hope to get another canopy and one of these... attach to what we already have. I think it will make a great rainy day gathering place as well as a place to store things and set up a table for eating away from the bugs.

Last year we also bought a new grill since our dog ate the knobs off the big one we had. We knew that we would be doing a lot of camping, so we opted for this grill...

It's portable, lightweight, plenty big enough for the food we'll need to cook, and we can use both propane and charcoal with it. WIN! It sets up easily on a metal camping table. We use it while camping and for grilling at home.

I would love to get one of these this year...

Just to make life a little more simple while cooking, but it's not a necessity so it will probably stay on the wish list for a while.

It can hang out with the rest of the stuff I'd love to buy:

Like this percolator and mug set

And this awesome portable hammock





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