How to Make the Most of the Build Your Bundle Preview Weekend


The Build Your Bundle Sale is back, but ONLY for two days! That's not a lot of time to research the many products that are offered, so they're giving you TWO FULL DAYS to preview everything! Here are some tips to make the most of the preview weekend.

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What Exactly is the Build Your Bundle Sale?

The Build Your Bundle Homeschool Sale happens once per year, sometimes with a flash sale a few weeks later, as is the case this year. The sale contains hundreds of the BEST digital curriculum offerings on the internet all at unbelievable discounts.

There are premade bundles that are skillfully put together by the Build Your Bundle team, and three different build your own bundle options to choose from as well.


I've shopped this sale for at least three years now and I'd like to share my best tips for making the most of this preview weekend.


Tip #1: Print and Use the Planner Pages

Use the printable shopping list and buyer's guide to help you narrow down your choices - take notes, highlight, scribble, doodle...whatever floats your boat! They are completely FREE to download and print.


Tip #2: Decide What You Need BEFORE You Shop

If you don't have a plan going into this sale it can be pretty overwhelming and frustrating to make decisions. There are so many incredible resources available!

Before you begin shopping, decide what subjects you still need, or are you looking for things to supplement the curriculum you've already purchased? Do YOU need some products to make your life easier, such as planners, encouragement ebooks, or Bible studies?


Tip #3: Take Your Time

There is a LOT of buzz surrounding this sale and it's easy to get caught up in the whirlwind. The awesome folks at the BYB Sale have given you two full days to preview everything available and make your choices. Just don't forget to go back and place your order before July 18th! Join The Nerddom mailing list if you'd like a reminder before the sale ends!


Tip #4: Buy Ahead

If you see something that you really love but won't need for a year or two, go ahead and buy it! It's very rare to see repeat products in future sales so take advantage of the amazing savings while you can!


Tip #5: Buy 2 Get 1 Free

The buy 2 get 1 free option increases your savings even more! If you need a lot of things then take full advantage of the free bundle offer when you buy two. You can even use it to get ALL of the bundles, valued at more than $5000, for only $374! That's an amazing deal!

Save BIG at the 2018 Build Your Bundle Sale!

I generally always use the Build Your Own Bundle option simply because I know that I'll use everything that I choose myself, but sometimes after I make my list to purchase I realize that I've included most of the products in a premade bundle. In that case, it's usually cheaper to buy the premade bundle.

Be sure to look through the premade bundles very carefully. They will be the best deals of the sale offering up to 95% off the included products! Even if there are two or three products in the bundle that you won't use, it's still very worthwhile to purchase at these incredible prices.

Here are a few of my favorite premade bundles.

Save BIG at the 2018 Build Your Bundle Sale!

Save BIG at the 2018 Build Your Bundle Sale!

Save BIG at the 2018 Build Your Bundle Sale!

Save BIG at the 2018 Build Your Bundle Sale!


If you have at least five favorites that are valued at more than $19.99 then the Pick 5 for $39 bundle is for you! I was able to purchase five products valued at $157.90 and paid only $39!!

Save BIG at the 2018 Build Your Bundle Sale!


If you're wondering what I bought at this year's sale you can see everything here.




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