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Over the years I have struggled with Nature Study. My kids love being outside and learning about nature, but I've never been very good at knowing what to do. We would walk around for a while and I would occasionally point out some pretty or interesting thing. That was about it.

But then, I found Our Journey Westward. Cindy West has made nature study super easy AND fun! Since I started using her products I've stopped putting off and dreading Nature Study and learned to actually enjoy the time outdoors with my kids.

She has put together an amazing collection of Fall Nature Studies and put them ON SALE just in time for the cooler temperatures. From now until October 12th, you can save 15-25% on these products.

Super Easy Fall Nature Study @ LifeInTheNerddom.com
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A Fungus Among Us

A fungus probably isn’t the first image that pops into your mind when you envision nature study.  But, oh, what a beautiful, colorful and fascinating world awaits as you begin to focus on mushrooms, molds, and lichen!

The 58-page curriculum guide provides many ideas for finding and noting fungi outdoors. Here are just a few of the (many) things you’ll do during nature walks: fungi comparisons, fungi measurement, create charts to map the fungi you find. You’ll note and understand the functions of various characteristics, and learn why God created fungi. Back inside, have fun making spore prints, growing mold, understanding yeast, and even taste-testing safe fungi. You'll also learn things like how molds help us and harm us, how they devastated an entire country and what a mycologist does.



Animal Signs

It’s time to put your detective skills to good use! Keen eyes, sharp ears, and a super sniffer will help you determine which animals and insects live in your habitat.

Even children who aren’t natural detectives still get excited about this study. Never fear, though. If your child truly isn’t into “becoming a detective,” you can easily do all the activities without making a big deal of the sleuthing.

Maybe the best part of this curriculum…once you use it in one habitat, you can do it all over again in a different habitat! Explore your backyard, then head to the forest, then head to the creek, then head to the beach…


Butterflies Flutter By

In this 60-page nature study guide, you’ll learn how God created flowers to catch the attention of butterflies by performing experiments. You’ll also learn such things as why butterflies can be found in groups around a puddle of water, how you can provide a safe habitat, and how their body parts benefit them.

This guide is literally packed with nature study suggestions, experiments, information, project ideas, writing prompts and SO much more.  Don’t miss out on studying one of God’s most miraculous gifts in nature!


Coping with the Cold

Coping with the Cold: How Animals Prepare and Survive the Winter Season thoroughly covers the topics of adaptations, migration, and hibernation through a huge selection of outdoor and indoor nature study ideas! You’ll learn how and why animals prepare for the winter season as you make autumn observations, then learn about how various animals spend their winter days through wintery walks and warm indoor activities.


Delightful Deciduous Trees

A detailed study of deciduous trees as part of the ecosystem, and especially the process of photosynthesis, is an important addition to your plant biology education in the elementary and middle school years. This 62-page guide teaches you to closely observe trees and become aware of their mighty ways and powerful purposes.


Fruits and Nuts

This 64-page guide will not only have you observing and examining fruits and nuts, but you will also learn to observe insect and animal behavior and watch for the effects of disease or weather on plants.

This is a well-rounded curriculum chock-full of lessons to fit every academic area!


Spectacular Spiders

This 59-page guide helps you get to the truth of the matter about these spectacular creatures (even if the curriculum doesn’t win you over as a lover of spiders in the end.) The best part…if you really and truly don’t want to get that close to spiders, you won’t have to. Choose from nearly 30 nature walks that will allow you to get as close as you feel comfortable to spiders and their habitats.


Wonderful Wildflowers

More than 25 creative nature walks from this 57-page guide will help you take the time to find as many wildflowers as possible. From completing scavenger hunts to taking your artist tools with you on a walk, you’ll find yourself joyfully observing each and every wildflower you find.


40 Nature Walks

I have to admit, this is my favorite product from Our Journey Westward. This guide changed the way that I look at Nature Study and gave me the freedom to allow my kids some Nature Study on their own in the backyard even when I'm unable to be with them.

It is a fabulous product!!

40 Nature Walks will help your 2nd-6th graders truly learn detailed information about a variety of nature topics as they simply follow the directions on the printables. The guided activities will require almost no preparation on your part, yet will help your children make serious observations and discoveries as they measure, map, chart, compare, diagram, and more. Many of the science labs even encourage simple, research-based activities that will help your children connect their outdoor explorations to academic knowledge!

Momma, these are EASY for you and MEANINGFUL for your children!


100+ Creative Nature Walks

Most of the 100+ Creative Nature Walks in this 63-page guide require little or no advance preparation! Simply thumb through the suggestions and head out the door.

Explore. Discuss. Draw. Observe. Write. Measure. Create. Discover. Label. Compare. Graph. Explain. Note. Those are just a few of the actionable lessons you might ask your children to do during one of the super-fun, super-educational nature walks. Maybe most exciting…a good deal of the lesson ideas can be used in almost any nature setting! While you’re encouraged to visit a variety of nature venues, you really can use most of this curriculum even if you only have access to a small yard or nearby park.

You’ll also love that almost every single lesson idea can be used with all of your children at the same time because extension ideas are readily suggested to challenge older students.



Don't miss this opportunity to get these wonderful Nature Study guides for 15-25% off the regular low price!

But hurry! The sale ends on Friday, October 12, 2018!


Our Journey Westward


Have you used any of the Nature Study guides from Our Journey Westward? I'd love to hear what you think!


This post may contain some affiliate links for your convenience, which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission. This helps me keep my blog up and running without costing you a penny more! Click here to read my full disclosure policy.


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