Charlotte Mason Made Easy


When I first learned about Charlotte Mason's methods I was intrigued. I was also a little intimidated by her writings, which are numerous and worthy of study, but not really something that I wanted to delve into. I wanted something that cut to the chase and did all the heavy lifting for me.

Then I found Cindy West's Charlotte Mason Homeschooling in 18 Easy Lessons.

Cue Hallelujah chorus!

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When I first read Cindy's description for her book my eyes locked on... takes quite a lot of concentration to soak in Mason's own teaching...In Charlotte Mason Homeschooling in 18 Easy Lessons, I've tried to use the simplest language possible to make it quick and easy to understand the method to save you time and effort.

Seriously? Sold!!


Charlotte Mason Made Easy

If I had titled this book I would have called it Charlotte Mason Made Easy because that's really what it is. Cindy has done a fabulous job of breaking down Charlotte Mason's methods into simple, easy-to-understand and implement chunks of reading complete with "homework" assignments to get the ideas off the page and into your day-to-day schooling.

Just look at all of the topics she covers.

She recommends that you tackle one lesson per week, but of course, in typical impatient, just let me ingest all of this at once and chew it up later style, I read the whole thing in a couple of hours.

And I loved it!


Grab Your Copy While It's On Sale

From now until June 3rd you can grab your own copy while it's on sale for $10!!


It will be a life-changing $10. It was for us!


Can I help you in making a decision to buy? I'm very happy to answer any questions you have! The comments are open below, or feel free to email me as well.


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