Build Your Bundle Homeschool FLASH Sale


Did you miss the Build Your Bundle Homeschool Sale in May?

Did you fill your cart, get sidetracked, and miss the deadline to order?

Did you pass up something and later change your mind?

Or maybe your budget was just a little tight in May.

Well, fret no more my friend because you get a second chance to grab some phenomenal curriculum and resources at incredible prices!


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So why am I telling you about this now? Because beginning THIS Saturday, July 14th, you get two full days to preview everything on the site before the flash sale goes live!

So block out some time this weekend!


Get Ready!

You can make the most of your two preview days by downloading the printable shopping list and buyer's guide. Both will be available on Saturday, July 14th when the preview goes live!


During the preview time, you can research the items, check out the samples, and decide what you'd like to buy without ANY pressure!

Use the printable shopping list to help you narrow down your choices - take notes, highlight, scribble, doodle...whatever floats your boat!

There are 20 Bundles and 3 Build Your Own Bundle options to choose from!



Wondering What I bought?

I took advantage of the Buy 2 Get 1 Free offer on the Build Your Own Bundles. You can read this post to find out what I purchased this year and why, but here's a quick visual.


Build Your Own Premium Bundle of Five
Total Value $157.90 / Price Paid $39.00


Build Your Own Basic Bundle of Ten
Total Value $134.90 / Total Paid $39.00


Build Your Own Basic Bundle of Ten
Total Value $130.80 / Total Paid $0


Things I Already Owned and Love!

There were quite a few things in the sale that I already own and highly recommend.



Want to Buy it All?

If you're one of the "I just want it all" types, then by golly you can have it all! But don't just buy all the bundles because that'll cost you over $500! If you make seven separate transactions, as shown below, you can get over $5000 in curriculum for only $374!!

Here's how!

Transaction #1
$49 - Charlotte Mason Bundle
$39 - Elementary Bundle #1
FREE - Elementary Bundle #2

Transaction #2
$39 - Elementary Bundle #3
$39 - Upper Grades Bundle #1
FREE - Upper Grades Bundle #2

Transaction #3
$29 - Character Bundle
$29 - Early Learning Bundle #1
FREE - Early Learning Bundle #2

Transaction #4
$29 - Early Learning Bundle #3
$29 - Parenting Bundle
FREE - Fine Arts Bundle

Transaction #5
$19 - Homeschool Helps Bundle #1
$19 - Homeschool Helps Bundle #2
FREE - Unit Studies Bundle

Transaction #6
$19 - Homemaking Bundle
$15 - Special Needs Bundle
FREE - Brother & Sister Bundle

Transaction #7
$10 - Thematic Units Bundle
$10 - Mystery Bundle



Don't Miss It!!

Mark your calendar. Block out some time. Make sure there's plenty of coffee in the house (or tea, or soda...I'm not the boss of you).

If you miss it this time, that's it! No more chances!



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