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It's no secret that we love music here in the Nerddom, so when we were given a 6-month subscription to Smart Kidz Radio I was incredibly excited to find out all that was offered. We were thrilled with what we found!

Add Some Variety with Smart Kidz Radio at

What it is and What's Included

Smart Kidz Radio is a commercial/ad free streaming service for kids from preschool age up to adults.

They offer a variety of options for accessing the content.

  • Free streaming of select content for a limited time. Select programming is offered for a certain amount of time, and that content is routinely updated.
  • On-Demand service for $4.99 per month
  • On-Demand service for $49.99 paid annually

Both the monthly and annual membership plans offer 24/7 access to more music and learning than you can shake a stick at!

Just look at some of what's offered.

Add Some Variety with Smart Kidz Radio at
Add Some Variety with Smart Kidz Radio at
Add Some Variety with Smart Kidz Radio at
Add Some Variety with Smart Kidz Radio at

It's worth mentioning that 20% of all subscription proceeds go directly to Smart Kidz Foundation, whose goal is to "empower young people to take the future into their own hands and play an active part in shaping a better, more peaceful world." The foundation financially supports several programs that produce resources and support for today's youth. Read more about the Smart Kidz Foundation.

Navigating & Using

The service is so simple and easy to navigate that even small children can learn to use it on their own, and since there are no ads or commercials parents don't need to worry about kids seeing and hearing things that they shouldn't.

The home page is bright with large, colorful album covers. Simply click on an album cover and it begins playing immediately. You can also navigate through the different songs on the album easily.

Add Some Variety with Smart Kidz Radio at

What We Thought

In the interest of both honesty and fairness, I must say that while this is a fabulous service, we had a hard time finding a variety of things to utilize. The programs are primarily geared toward smaller children (preschool age up to about 7 or 8 years old). My 9-year-old son, who I thought would be thrilled with the content since he is my music lover, found most of it too "babyish" (his words). Because of that, we spent the majority of our time listening to the music collections. There were a number to choose from including some collections from specific geographic areas. We really enjoyed the Music from France!

Don't Just Take My Word For It

This is only one of forty different reviews that are available for Smart Kidz Radio! Be sure to visit the Homeschool Review Crew page to read more reviews by clicking the banner below!

Homeschool Review Crew

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Add Some Variety with Smart Kidz Radio at
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