About Me

Welcome to the Nerddom!

I’m Michelle, also known as Mrs. Nerfer, and I’m so glad you’re here!

I am wife to the most amazing man on the planet, mama to four fabulous kiddos, and grandma to one rather feisty little redhead. They are my world. I love them all fiercely.

You'll hear me talk about them a lot here in The Nerddom, though rarely by their real names.

  • Nerdnerfer (aka Nerdy) - that's the hubby
  • Mrs. Nerfer - that's me
  • Princess Dork - our 10 year old daughter
  • Nerdlet - our 5 year old son
  • Nerd Jr. - our 20 year old son
  • Dudette - our 23 year old daughter
  • Dude - our 23 year old son-in-law
  • Grand Dork - our 9 month old grand-daughter

The Nerddom is our life and all that it encompasses. Sometimes sane, most of the time....not so much. It's never boring, that's for certain.

I am the serious one of the bunch. The planner. The reader. Always focused and rarely ever spontaneous. Someone has to keep this bunch on track :).

Nerdy reminds me that I have to lighten up from time to time and have a little fun! We make a great team.

Here in this little corner of the internet you’ll find a place to relax and hopefully laugh a little as you learn about saving money, simplifying, homeschooling, meal planning and lots more.

It is my goal to make this a positive place where you can find ideas and strategies to improve your life, stretch your dollar and live more contented.

A few random facts about me:

  • I am a total nerd.
  • I have hordes of random, completely useless information stored in my brain that I have been known to share at some of the most ridiculous times (yeah, I am THAT girl).
  • I am a total sap - I cry at movies, TV shows, during conversations and even while just thinking about something. I’m not limited to sad cries either....happy, excited, mad....doesn’t really matter.
  • I am an absolute introvert.
  • I binge watch Netflix - yep, I admit it.
  • I read cookbooks.
  • I laugh out loud at books (For the Love by Jen Hatmaker....I embarrassed myself reading that one).
  • My favorite place to be is home!
  • I grew up pretty poor. Like, no heat & air or indoor bathroom poor. When most people read "chamber pots" and "outhouse" in their history books they have no clue.....I do!
  • I am the person that reads ALL of the instructions for anything - recipe, project, game, how-to, etc. - before beginning. Told ya I was a nerd.
  • I hate politics. Makes me ill.

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